After a period of inactivity in this blog I am back to the regular posts. I had to move the content to GitHub Pages to feel more comfortable when creating content. Also it is closer to the tools that I use everyday.

After a comment this evening from Luís Gabriel I felt that I need to fix the smaller bugs in theme setup and I think I made a little mess with the blog comments. It will not happen again because I moved the comments to Disqus and it is more reliable to manage these data.

Please start commenting and reacting using the form in the bottom!

I have to thank you all that reached me through e-mail, Linkedin and GitHub during this period. Everything that I share here is my dedicated to you all!

A few updates during this time that I wanna share are:

  • I finished an English Course (I hope that will be easier for me now).
  • I gave a talk in a Meetup here in Stockholm and it was incredible to meet the developers in town.
  • I began to do mentoring and it is an amazing experience. I regret that I have not started this before.

I will keep you posted.