About Ivan Paulovich

Agile Software Developer, Tech Lead, 20+ GitHub projects about Clean Architecture, SOLID, DDD and TDD. Speaker/Streamer

Ivan Paulovich


I have been supporting open source projects for many years focused on Clean Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development and SOLID principles.

Clean Architecture Manga
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Clean Architecture sample with .NET Core. Use cases as central organising structure, decoupled from frameworks and technology details

dotnet new caju
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This dotnet-new template for .NET Back-ends increases productivity on building applications with the Hexagonal, Clean or Event Sourcing architectures styles. This tool generates a .NET back-end with built-in best practices in 15 seconds!

Clean Architecture WebApi EF Core
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The simplest Clean Architecture demo on how to implement a Web Api using .NET Core and Entity Framework

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Commad-Line Task management with storage on your GitHub

Event Sourcing Jambo
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An Hexagonal Architecture with DDD + Aggregates + Event Sourcing using .NET Core, Kafka e MongoDB (Blog Engine)

Hexagonal Architecture Acerola
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An Hexagonal Architecture service template with DDD, CQRS, TDD and SOLID using .NET Core 2.0. All small features are testable and could be mocked. Adapters could be mocked or exchanged.

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