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Ivan Paulovich Agile .NET developer focused on Clean architecture. I enjoy implementing solutions based on use cases and decoupled from technology details.

Architecture Templates for dotnet new

Architecture Templates for dotnet new

I am releasing an new version of my Architecture Templates for dotnet new. We are working on testing, compatibility and documentation.

Paulovich.Caju 0.4.0 Release notes

  • New architecture tips for each layer in Clean Architecture template. Check out the blog post.
  • Command line breaking changes. See the topic below.

How to install the latest version

To install the latest version use:

dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju

Then run dotnet new and check the templates list:

Templates Short Name Language Tags
Hexagonal Architecture for .NET Applications! hexagonal [C#] Common/Library/Web API
Event-Sourcing for .NET Applications! eventsourcing [C#] Common/Library/Web API
Clean Architecture for .NET Applications! clean [C#] Common/Library/Web API

Command Line Changes

I changed the short name caju to three more specifics commands hexagonaleventsourcingand clean.

The old commands were:

dotnet new caju --architecture-style hexagonal
dotnet new caju --architecture-style eventsourcing
dotnet new caju --architecture-style clean

The new commands in Paulovich.Caju 0.4.0 package are:

dotnet new hexagonal
dotnet new eventsourcing
dotnet new clean

Much more clear now! Remember that each template has slight differences, so add the –help for details.

This templates segregation are required to speed up the updates.

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