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Shinning Frameworks and DDD?

I talked today about the Shinning Frameworks Trap. Don’t fall into it!

Clean Architecture: The User Interface is a detail

Today I talk about Presenters. I hope you enjoy and I looking forward feedback.

Designing and Testing Video

I started a new series of videos introducing Clean Architecture, Open Source and .NET Development.

TDD and Hexagonal Architecture Video

Quick tips for the ones following the Hexagonal Architecture, please apply TDD outside-in and and do not start implementing Mocks for every dependency.

Designing and Testing Input Validation in .NET Core: The Clean Architecture way

Almost every software requires some input validation implementation. Due to the importance there are frameworks and guidelines to help us complete the task, should not be difficult to write good...

Clean Architecture Essentials - Part I

I have been following the Clean Architecture principles on the todo development and I would like to share my experience with you. The strategies and decisions I have made could...